ATMCS 1 mirror archives

We maintain an archive of the ATMCS 1 web presence.

ATMCS 1 presentations

The presentations of ATMCS 1 were:

  • M. Bern, Equivariant Topology and Regression Depth PDF
  • A. Björner, Topological Lower Bounds for Decision Trees PDF
  • T. Dey, Shapes from Discrete Samples PDF
  • P. Gaucher, Achronal Simplices and Deformations of Higher Dimensional Automata PS
  • P. Gaucher, Investigating the Algebraic Structures of Dihomotopy Types PS
  • M. Grandis, Ordinary and Directed Combinatorial Homotopy for Image Analysis and Concurrency PDF
  • J. Haas, Topology, Geometry and Computational Complexity PDF
  • R. Laudenbacher, A Connectivity Theory for Simplicial Complexes PDF
  • N. Yanofsky, Algebraic Structure and Homotopy PDF
  • B. Sturmfels, Cell Complexes in Computational Algebraic Geometry PDF
  • ???, Computational Topology: Applications Driven PDF